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Being a small business focused on producing the best possible quality ‘buch, we were reluctant to join the CBD craze. Our experiences with CBD products in the past had been unremarkable, and we certainly weren’t interested in jacking up our prices to sell our customers on a fad product that didn’t truly, noticeably benefit them.

It wasn’t until we were recommended to DanODan’s CBD that we felt like we had found a product that met our standards in effect, flavor, and production practices enough to convince us otherwise. Locally harvested and processed, made in small batches, and packed full of all the original good stuff (just like our kombucha), DanODan CBD didn’t just look good on paper—it worked. To this day it has been the only ingestible CBD product to help relieve Dave’s (co-founder & owner) chronic neck pain.

Plus, it tasted REALLY good in our kombucha.

So, knowing that we only want the best for our customers, we decided to give it a try… and the result has been a resounding yes!

You can now find our CBD ‘buch in kegs at St Johns Beer Porch, The Mighty Bowl, and Arnada Naturals. More and more locations are on their way, so stay tuned on our Instagram where we will be updating you with each new spot. Plus, we’re excited to announce that we’re…

launching bottled CBD kombucha
this fall!


the science

 To find out more about what makes full spectrum, whole botanical CBD so important, check out this article:

For more information about the science behind why CBD is beneficial, we found this article useful:


what people

are saying…

“I called to compliment you guys. I tried your CBD kombucha the last time I was at the St John's Beer Porch. My band plays some music there. That was the best CBD kombucha I've ever had. I hope you guys don't change anything about it. It made me more relaxed than any of the CBD stuff I’ve ever tried. Tasted awesome. Good work! Don’t change anything.
Any way, I'm going out to fill up a growler today. Thank you. Take Care. Bye.”
- Anonymous Voicemail