kombucha cocktail recipes

try them at home…
bring them to your favorite bartender...
turn them into a mocktail…
impress your boss…


We just love kombucha cocktails! We love them so much that we partnered with Wild Roots Spirits to craft extra special recipes just for OPB’s food & beverage podcast, The Four Top.
Listen to the podcast while you sip on your very own concoctions! These are the four recipes featured on Episode 63, now available for you to make at home.

Need ingredients? Check out our Locations page! Plus, find Wild Roots here, and Portland Syrups here.

Blood Orange Summer

6oz Oregonic Tonic Hibiscus Blood Orange kombucha
2oz sparkling water
1.5oz Wild Roots Cucumber & Grapefruit Gin
.5oz (or more, to taste) Portland Syrups Citrus-Passion syrup
Splash of lemon juice

Kombucha Mule

4oz Oregonic Tonic Ginger kombucha
4oz sparkling water
1.5oz Wild Roots Pear vodka
.5oz (or more, to taste) Portland Syrups Rose Cordial syrup
Splash of lime juice


Bloody 'Bucha Mary

5 oz Bloody Mary mix 
2 oz Oregonic Tonic Lemon Honey Cayenne Kombucha 
1.5 oz Wild Roots Traditional Vodka
Olives, mini pickles, pickled garlic for garnish

Green Teaberry

8 oz Oregonic Tonic Green Tea Kombucha 
.75 oz Wild Roots Traditional Vodka 
.75 oz Wild Roots Marionberry Vodka
Muddled mint 
Splash of lime juice

more cocktails!


The Portland Peach

8 oz White Peach kombucha
1.5 oz Bulleit bourbon
1.5 oz rosemary syrup
Slice of peach and rosemary sprig for garnish

Rosemary syrup recipe:
1 cup organic cane sugar
1 cup water
4 hefty sprigs of rosemary
- Bring water and sugar to boil until sugar dissolves, remove from heat and add rosemary
- Let steep for an hour or two, then strain through a coffee filter

Blood Orange Sunset

8 oz of Hibiscus Blood Orange kombucha
1.5 oz of tequila
1.5 oz of homemade habanero grenadine
Shake and strain into glass

To make habanero grenadine:
1 cup pomegranate juice
1 cup sugar
1 small habanero pepper
- Simmer together until sugar is dissolved. Let sit or simmer longer if you want it spicier!


The Piquant Pomander

8 oz Lemon Honey Cayenne kombucha
1.5 oz Bourbon
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Garnish with a dried hot pepper
to inspire fear in the hearts of your enemies

Lazy Summer

5 oz White Peach kombucha
3 oz cooled black tea
1.5 oz Bourbon
2 slices of peach
Muddle peach in the bottom of glass before pouring
Slice of peach for garnish

Cold Toddy

8 oz Lemon Honey Cayenne Kombucha
1.5 oz Whiskey
1 oz Portland Syrups Ginger Syrup
1 oz Honey
Lemon Slice for Garnish

Brunch ‘Buch

Serve in a champagne flute for optimal classiness
Fill halfway with Hibiscus Blood Orange ‘buch
(or White Peach, or both!)
Fill the rest with champagne
Drop in a sugar cube and enjoy!