the family

the hands and hearts behind the brews


co-founder & marketing manager

Ally is not quite a Portland native, but close enough that it counts. She loves dabbling in anything creative she can get her hands on (she drew the art for the logo and labels!), and loves learning new dance styles. She designs our kombucha flavors, manages the website and social media, and does her best to get our ‘buch into your hands!
Her bumper sticker would be:
I'd rather be dancing.

co-founder & owner

Dave has been living in Portland for 22 years and wouldn't live anywhere else in the states. However he totally dreams of moving to a little beach town somewhere in Nicaragua or Ecuador... or anywhere with good surf and sun really. He feels like he's the luckiest guy on earth to have his three bright daughters and incredible wife. Amy.
His bumper sticker would be:
I'd rather be surfing. 

ops manager & brewer extraordinaire

Amy is originally from Baltimore, but has been living in Portland for 10 years now and loves the Pacific Northwest. Her and Dave met in 2011 surfing, and they've been sneaking away on weekend beach trips ever since. She loves snuggling up with Dave and her two silly dogs, Cleo and Sake, by the fire, and also pretty much the opposite: surfing on the Oregon coast. She joined the kombuchery team in December 2016, making the father-daughter duo a much happier, much more organized trio.
Her bumper sticker would be:
I'd rather be surfing.


the team

ok, so they aren't related by blood, but who cares? they're family to us

apprentice brewer
& scoby wrangler

Born and raised in Portland, Pat seems like he hasn't gone far but he totally has: In 2013 he studied abroad with Carpe Mundi and backpacked through Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Soon after he returned home from his travels, he tried home-brewed kombucha for the first time. Unfortunately the homemade taste just wasn't the same as what he could find in the stores, so in 2015 he began brewing his own from a culture he bought at the Homebrew Exchange... little did he know that 2 years later he would be working in the very same kombuchery that had grown his very first scoby!

His bumper sticker would be:
I’d rather be in Southeast Asia.